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Alumni directory is an effort to unite and encourage contacts among fellow Alumni of The G D Shah School Jamnagar, and to track each other through the electronic medium on a global landscape. Further, to give new and past school students an access to other alumni students contacts details and information about their current occupation. The information can be useful either for contacting them or for deriving any kind of advice and information and are available to offer assistance to those who find themselves in new city , career or simply wish to contact other alumni in their area. If you like to update your personal details, all you would have to do is to add your name and details on website.

The directory has been organized by the year of leaving the college or the Batch e.g. Nilesh Tolia was in G D Shah School from 1978 to 1989, so his Batch would be 1989.

Presently the web site provides the following services:
- Alumni Directory of Past students (wherein one can search for details of Fellow Alumni. Click here for further information)
- Current students. (Further in current students we can add achievements, recognitions etc)
- Newsletter (An annual newsletter to highlight the activities of the school during the previous year. Click here for further