In this fast moving 21st century, we believe even the education and education facilities/infrastructures need to keep up with it. Trustees decided to build new school, with all modern amenities to prepare the students to keep up with the challenges in this new fast world, with better education and amenities.

Trust purchased 63000 Sq. Ft. of land near Subhash bridge, Jamnagar. This is an ideal and peaceful location within 2-3 kilometers from city. The new school building will have 21 spacious, ventilated and modern class rooms, an administrative wing, play ground, gymnasium, gathering hall and an open air theatre. The new school will accommodate all the classes from present G.D. Shah School, and add new higher secondary classes of 11th and 12th as well. Present school has medium of teaching is Gujarat only for all classes. In new school The trust will start New English medium Nursery, Pre-Primary and Primary School to begin with and later on up to High School.

Main objective of the trust is to give quality education at an affordable rate to children’s of poor families and therefore school fees are very inexpensive. Proposed fees will be Rs.35.00 per month for 8th standard, Rs.40.00 per month for 9th standard and Rs.45.00 per month for 10th standard. The free ship and scholarship will also be offered. We have plans to give uniforms, textbooks, schoolbags, shoes and socks to poor and needy students as per the budget plan.

At new school building we will have in total 21 rooms, big play ground, indoor gymnasium, open air theater, and laboratory. In morning session we will be running 6 Nursery classes in English medium covering 150 students, 14 Primary classes (1st to 7th standard) in English medium covering 700 students. In evening session we will be running 4 Higher secondary (11th and 12th standard) classes in Gujarati medium covering 150 students and 11 High school classes (8th, 9th and 10th standard) covering 600 students. In all at new school building we will be providing education to 1700 students.

To impart best education to our students, we will monitor and modify our teaching methods continuously. There will be special coaching class to update skill for overall personality development of students.

To accommodate this entire project we need funds. We have estimate of total project cost with detail breakdown as under
Item No. Project Item
Area in
Sq. Ft.
Cost in Indian Rs (approx) Cost in US $ (approx) Cost in British £ (approx)

Land 68000 3,500,000 77778 50000
2. School Building, Fencing & Parking 30000 17,700,000 393334 252859
3. Cultural Hall 2500 4,000,000 88889 57143
4. Indoor Gym. 700 500,000 11112 7143
5. Open Air Theatre   500,000 11112 7143
6. Furniture   2,500,000 55556 35715
7. Principal's Quarters 1400 800,000 17778 11429
8. Computer   750,000. 16667 10715
9. C C TV Camera   200,000 4445 2858
10. Audio visual equipment   125,000 2778 1786
11. Water coolers(3)   150,000 3334 2143
12. Play house / Nursery equipments   500,000 11111 7143
13. Garden   200,000 4444 2857
14. Electrical accessories   200000 4444 2857
  1,500,000 33333 21429
  Total Cost   Rs 32,075,000 $
Currency conversion used in Table above are calculated at estimated rate of 1 $ = Rs 45 & 1 £ = Rs 70
Floor Plans